Make the most of your webhosting experience with a powerful multiple domain Windows Server 2008 R2/IIS7.5-based reseller hosting plans. Boasting MSSQL 2008, 4.0, MVC 2, Silverlight 4 and PHP/MySQL 5, these plans are great not only for reselling to end-users, but to manage several sites more efficiently under one low-cost package. Powered by our user-friendly control panel, WebsitePanel, these reseller plans include an automated scripts installer, IIS URL Rewrite module, AJAX and all the latest Microsoft technologies.

Our Canadian datacenter based in Montreal utilizes Intel-based servers built from high quality server-grade components specifically designed for 24 hour operation. Servers are equipped with hardware-based RAID 10 hot-swappable arrays which increase disk throughput while maintaining online availability. To achieve an even higher degree of redundancy, each server is outfitted with dual redundant power supplies. Internet connectivity within the facility is based on multiple pairs of Cisco routers and switches connected to multiple high-quality bandwidth providers which guarantees a network topology with no single point of failure. HostOptima recommends our Canadian datacenter location for all beginners, businesses and customers that need to attract a global market, especially centered in the Americas.

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