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HostOptima caters to a wide variety of individuals, businesses and developers with a diverse selection of packages to choose from:

3-Step Easy Order System!Premium Clustered Windows 2008 R2/IIS 7 Shared Hosting

From beginners to small businesses, our popular multiple domain Windows Server 2008 R2/IIS7-based shared hosting plans boast a premium clustered server architecture for extremely high reliability and performance. Powered by Parallels HSphere 3.3 control panel, these plans come with many easy-to-use features, support for popular Classic ASP and ASP.NET 4.0 scripts (older .NET also available), MSSQL 2008, AJAX, MVC, Silverlight and Microsoft Access database support, as well as PHP/MySQL 5.

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Includes 4.0, MSSQL 2008 R2, MVC 2 & more!Standard Windows 2008 R2/IIS 7.5 Shared Hosting

Need the latest technology support? Our multiple domain Windows Server 2008 R2/IIS7.5-based shared hosting plans feature the latest ASP.NET 4.0 (older .NET also available), MSSQL 2008 R2 as well as PHP/MySQL 5. Powered by WebsitePanel on a top-of-the-line 64-bit server architecture, these high value plans include an automated scripts installer powered by Microsoft Web App Gallery, a user-friendly control panel interface, IIS URL Rewrite module, ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight.

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Value-Packed Multi Domain HostingWindows 2008R2/IIS7.5 Reseller Hosting

Designed for web developers and larger businesses that require hosting multiple domains on separate hosting accounts with customizable features and quotas, look no further than our powerful reseller webhosting plans. Complete with a robust reseller management panel and private-label interface, these plans build on our popular shared hosting services with customizability and increased space and bandwidth quotas. Along with the latest technology support, the reseller plans pack value with performance.

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New Plans, Limited Time Low PricesWindows 2008R2 Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

At a fraction of the cost of dedicated servers, our self-managed Virutal Private Server (VPS) gives you the power of having your own dedicated resources and full administrator privileges to your server. Running on Windows 2008 R2 Server 64-bit with IIS 7.5, this is great for installing your own modules, software, and any customizations you want done that are not usually possible within a shared or reseller hosting environment. Moreover, each VPS comes with 24/7 Remote Desktop Access, so it's easy to manage your server remotely. You have the liberty to control and manage your server as you see fit to run your website or application.

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Linux-based Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers

With enterprise-class server infrastructure, award-winning support and hundreds of features for small to large websites, HostOptima's sister company, ExcellentHost Enterprises, specializes in a variety of premium webhosting solutions based on Linux server infrastructure.

These plans offer latest PHP/MySQL 5, and is strongly recommended for beginners who do not have experience with Microsoft-based technologies. While HostOptima is a renown IIS platform webhosting provider, ExcellentHost's flawless reputation for Linux-based webhosting ensures you'll be in good hands.

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