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This special portal for our customers integrates a variety of easy-to-use features, from our billing interface, to the webhosting control panel, as well as DNS utilities. Click on the tabs to navigate the available categories and select an option below to proceed.


H-SPHERE Control Panel

Your one-stop interface to manage everything from your website configuration, file uploading, database management, even billing and upgrades! Be sure to consult our extensive H-Sphere documentation to make the most of your experience

H-SPHERE Control Panel
H-SPHERE Documentation



Our lively, friendly and resourceful community forums provide a convenient way to keep up-to-date on server statuses, resolve complex coding issues, diagnose problems and view previously answered topics covering a wide range of user experiences. We encourage all customers to make use of the discussion forums as the primary way to learn, develop and maintain your website and webhosting account with HostOptima

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Check your email conveniently on-the-go, without having to access your mail client at home. Our webmail option, offering two options for interfaces known as Horde and SQWebMail, ensure that you can quickly and easily compose new messages, make replies, view old email and manage folders. Note that webmail works best when used in conjunction with the IMAP protocol, so we recommend users setting up their software email clients to enable the IMAP feature; this way, messages are stored on the server (which may be downloaded) so you can maintain access to your email accounts, from anywhere and at anytime.

Webmail Access


Domain Registration Management

If you registered your domain with ExcellentHost during order time, our client area offers the ability to adjust advanced domain settings (such as nameservers) or transfer your domain elsewhere. For a full domain account with ability to manage domains independently of your webhosting environment, consider requesting your domain to be moved into an existing account for free. Contact our support department at support[at] for more information

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